Hello! My name is Ioannis Parissis and I’m researcher in Mathematics. Officially my name is Ioannis but nobody calls me that. People call me Yannis. I am currently in Bilbao, working as an IKERBASQUE research fellow at the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis at the University of the Basque country.

This is my first attempt at a (mainly mathematical) blog. Please be patient until I figure out the way things work, so that I can really start blogging.

Note: The picture of the header is taken at Lalaria, Skiathos, by my father Romylos Parissis.


3 Responses to About

  1. lefteris says:

    keep up the good work Yannis

  2. Gilliam says:

    Great blogs Yannis! I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Montana, and I just wanted to say that I truly enjoy the posts!

  3. Eduina says:

    I enjoy mathematics, eventhough i’m an engineering student 🙂

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